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The IMC USA Consulting Documents Library is a collection of management consulting frameworks and tools curated for IMC USA members. As an IMC USA member, you can distinguish yourself from other consultants by leveraging our library of consulting documents. IMC USA members receive an exclusive 10% discount on all materials found on Flevy. Apply your discount code at checkout. If you have any questions, please email us at [email protected].


Each month, we select and showcase a set of business frameworks centered around a common management topic.

  OCTOBER 2016  

Growth Strategy

All businesses face the challenge of achieving sustainable growth. Growth is commonly inhibited by a lack of breakthrough ideas, balancing cost-out and margin trade-offs, and execution challenges. These 3 framework decks were developed by consulting firms for consulting firms; and can be used with clients of all sizes and varying stages of growth.

All businesses experience common problems that arise at similar stages in their development. Each stage of growth is characterized by a different impetus to growth and threatened by a different crisis--each stage requires a different management style, a different strategic focus, and has a different state of systems and processes. This framework is great for working with clients experiencing significant growth and transitioning one stage to the next. [read more]

This PowerPoint presentation frames the various horizons of the "growth challenge," and dives into various strategy frameworks for growth--from Porter's Five Forces to Blue Ocean. This detailed document also includes case examples, a full growth strategy initiative breakdown, and tabulation of key growth strategy work products. It includes business concepts and analysis models utilized by top tier management consulting firms. [read more]

The global consulting firm A.T. Kearney conducted a study of 25,000 firms globally, representing 98% of the global market cap. Through this rigorous study, they came to the realization that all industries eventually consolidate, as they traverse through 4 stages of progression. This framework allows you to help your client develop the most optimal strategic and operational decisions. Every major decision you make should be evaluated with regard to your client's industry's stage in the Consolidation Curve. [read more]

  SEPTEMBER 2016  

Cost Management

For many organizations, it's easier to reduce costs than to drive sales growth—and will have a substantial impact on profits. As a basic example, for a manufacturing company with $20 million in sales and a 10% profit margin, a reduction in COGS from 70% to 65% of revenue would mean a 35% increase in profit.

Opportunities to reduce cost exist across the organization. Over 45 cost reduction initiatives are identified in this deck, with specific examples and projected potential savings, across the categories of Enterprise-wide Opportunities (includes Share Services, Outsourcing, Product Innovation ideas), Asset Management Opportunities, and Function Specific Opportunities (e.g. IT/MIS, F&A, HR, Procurement, Product Development, Logistics, Sales & Marketing, Services). [read more]

Part of Lean Thinking, The Cost Of Quality (COQ) framework instills a practical approach to quantifying the financial impact of the Cost Of Non-Conformance (CONC) and the Cost Of Conformance (COC). With this framework, you can improve your client's corporate culture and their bottom line. Prioritize quality improvement opportunities based on the expected financial return. [read more]

Strategic Sourcing (also known as Sourcing Strategy or Procurement Strategy) is perhaps the quickest way to realize significant cost savings. Although more commonly practiced within large organizations, the concepts can be as easily applied to SMBs. This document details a 4-phase framework to Strategic Sourcing, outlining time frames, activities, and outputs. Can be applied to both Commodity and Specialty spend categories. [read more]


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